Small, dark and distinctive, Sevruga is the choice of those who like their eggs full of taste and flavor. The eggs are gray-black with a fine grain, small and have the strongest flavour of all sturgeon eggs. Among connoisseurs they are the most highly appreciated for their unique taste. Sevruga caviar is also the least expensive, mainly because Sevruga sturgeon are to be found in greater numbers.
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American Crêpes
These all-natural, delicious, and versatile crêpes are delicately thin yet durable and can be be paired with caviar, fish, sweet jams, or anything else to create a savory culinary experience. They are also great to cook with. Heating Instructions Keep frozen until ready to use. Slack out process: Take out of the freezer overnight to bring to room temp (or refrigerate overnight and then room temp for 1 hour). Once slacked out - heat 4-8 seconds per crêpe in microwave, or alternatively, turbo chef or oven. Heat crêpes from room temp to gain elasticity.
8oz (227g), 10 crepes
$ 9.00
Mini pancakes just heat and eat.Slightly sweet and vanilla flavored. Serving Size 12 pieces. Serving Per Container: About 6. Keep Frozen. Made in Russia.
12 oz /280 g
$ 9.50
These delicate tiny pancakes are the choice of most caviar connoisseurs, and are the perfect compliment to our gourmet caviar. Enjoy these with a dollop of creme fraiche and some fine caviar or smoked salmon. For additional flavor toast prior to serving. 16 pieces will serve 2-4 people.
$ 9.50
Dramatize your caviar servings with a dollop of crème fraîche (pronounced "crem fresh"). Mild with a light, fresh taste and clean finish, it is the perfect foil for the delicate roe. Uncooked, it helps balance flavors. Heated, it creates velvety sauces that accentuate and prolong the taste of food.
8 oz
$ 6.50