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One tray has 10 filleted herring. Net Wt. 24.69 oz. (700 g) - 10 pcs of approx. 2,46 oz (70g) The New Catch Holland Herring is a piece of gastronomic heaven, a fabulous buttery and mild matjes (young) herring unlike any other, due to its exceptionally high and healthy omega-3 fat content. Many compare its buttery texture and delicate flavor to the finest sashimi. Ingredients: Herring (Fish), salt. Keep frozen at -18C
Net Wt. 24.69 oz. (700 g) - 10 pcs of approx. 2,64 oz (75g)
$ 40.50
$ 45.00
BEESWAX BOTTARGA Made in France, this age-old delicacy of Mediterranean bordering countries is considered to be the oceanic version of parmesan. The bottarga is dipped in beeswax for preservation, giving off a slight taste of honey. It can be enjoyed sliced or grated on many dishes such as pasta. Store in a dry and cool place. Net weight: 5.5-6.5 oz (160-180 gr) per piece Store in the upper part of fridge.
Beeswax Bottarga 5.5-6.5 oz (160-180 gr) per piece
$ 45.00