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This Exquisite delicacy has been hand-crafted in traditional smokehouse nestled on the banks of the River Cree, Scotland using only the finest fresh Scottish salmon. Each fillet is hand-crafted with pure kosher salt & then naturally smoked over smoldering oak chips from Scotch whisky casks. The salmon is fully trimmed by hand to remove the skin & dark meat & then vacuum sealed to capture that “fresh out the smoker” taste. Scotch Reserve is kosher certified & contains NO artificial flavors or preservatives.
16 oz
$ 34.00
8 oz
$ 17.50
One tray has 10 filleted herring. Net Wt. 26,45 oz. (750 g) - 10 pcs of approx. 2,64 oz (75g) The New Catch Holland Herring is a piece of gastronomic heaven, a fabulous buttery and mild matjes (young) herring unlike any other, due to its exceptionally high and healthy omega-3 fat content. Many compare its buttery texture and delicate flavor to the finest sashimi. Ingredients: Herring (Fish), salt. Keep frozen at -18C
Net Wt. 26,45 oz. (750 g) - 10 pcs of approx. 2,64 oz (75g)
$ 40.50
$ 45.00
Smoked Salmon Torta
Spence combines the company’s Scottish heritage and hand craftsmanship to produce a connoisseur’s delight; the Smoke Salmon Torta. Delicate smoked salmon pieces are folded into an herbed cream cheese then topped with additional smoked salmon pieces and pink peppercorns and chives to make our festive torta. Packed two individually sealed 4oz portions; they can be used separately for individual use or open both for a party and serve with vegetable slices and crackers. Ready to eat and easily plated; these tortas are the perfect party appetizer or personal treats.
8 oz
$ 8.00
$ 10.00
Smoked Salmon Pinwheels
Spence & Co., Ltd. has taken its buttery soft, subtly smoky, Scottish-style smoked salmon, and hand-rolled it with a fine herb cream cheese to produce a connoisseur's delight. Perfect as an Hors D'oeuvre on a cucumber slice or water cracker. The recipes and uses are endless.
4 oz
$ 9.00
$ 11.00