Dry Porcini (Boletus Edulis) 18622

Porcini Mushrooms Dried 1.75oz/50 gr by Plantin, France. Considered by many as the finest-tasting and most versatile of mushrooms, Porcinis (boletus edulis) are also referred to as cepes. They are easily recognized for their rounded, plump caps (which some call hamburger buns), brown and bulbous, and very pretty. Porcini are intensely aromatic, with a fine yet rich taste that is infused into dishes. It especially pairs well with soups, sauces, polentas and pastas (bland ingredients the aromas and flavors excellently). Ingredients: Porcini mushrooms -Boletus Edulis-. Use: Preserve dried mushrooms in an airy bag in a dry room. Packaging: Plastic Container . Preparation: Dry . Storing: 2 Years room temperature Instructions: Soak in lukewarm water for 15 to 30 minutes. Drain, then dip in boiling water for another 10 minutes(drain and save the liquid for other aromatic dishes). Place in colander and rinse thoroughly. 10 oz of dried mushrooms - 100 oz of fresh mushrooms.
1.75 oz Plastic Jar  
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