Whole Summer Truffles 18028

Black truffles are plentiful during the summer, which brings down the prices of truffles considerably (compared to the winter varieties). The characteristic pungent flavor of black truffles is more subdued, more subtle, but summer truffles still deliver that mouthwatering chocolaty flavor they are renowned for. Graded " First Choice", the first grade of truffles, these truffles come to you "Whole" (entire truffles) and "Brushed" (clean of any soil), and ready for you to use. Slice or shave thinly over pastas, risottos or omelets for superb flavoring. Ingredients: Black Truffles, Water, Salt. Preparation: Preserved, whole in water and salt After opening use within 1 week. Storing: shelf stable, 1 Year.
1.75 oz Glass Jar  
$ 20.00
$ 24.00